Thursday, August 7, 2008

Some sculpey swapping!

These goth s&p shakers, cherry earrings and skull earrings were made for a swap on craftster. The lady collects s&p shakers. One is of a spider & bat. The other set is of skulls. I took some glass shakers, covered them in sculpey, then put the design on the sculpey I wanted. I baked them and then painted them up. I tried to make them look sort of stone like, but that didn't work well. I sealed them with modgepodge.
The cherry earrings ~ I made the leaves out of sculpey, baked & painted them. The cherries are actually some green wooden beads I had that I painted cherry red.
The bones ~ These are just freestyle sculpey. :)

It was odd for me to do a whole swap out of sculpey stuff, but they turned out okay. Took me forever because it definitely isn't my fave craft to do.

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