Saturday, October 25, 2008

R2D2 Costume!

I had planned on making my ds an r2d2 costume based off this one. I thought I had another week to go, but was sorely mistaken. I remembered Friday morning that he had a Halloween party THAT night at the school. So I pulled everything out and went to work on it. I didn't have a pattern, just the pic of that little boy and how his costume looked. I attempted to make a head piece like that one, but didn't have the right material so I dug out some yarn and started crocheting. Once again, I had no pattern, but looked at a pic of r2 and went from there. I finished his costume at 6pm. His party started at 6:30. He had tons of compliments on his costume, and as you can see, he was very happy with it. :)


  1. That turned out great! He is a lucky boy to have such a great mommy.

  2. Great job. Bailey would LOVE that!