Monday, November 17, 2008

Where have I been?

Oh my goodness I've been busy the last couple weeks. I'm still plugging away at all of those cute little characters. I should be finished today and send them out. YAY! (I'm soooo ready to be done with the little buggers). My cousin came for a visit on Saturday, so I needed to finish all of her curtains for her. That took me a while. Yes, I know you are just sewing rectangles, but it gets tedious. Also, you have to make sure your lines and measurements are perfect, or your curtains will hang wonky. I'm hoping she has no wonkiness once she hangs them up. I have an ornament for a different swap to send out today as well.

Once those are done you'd think I'd be free to craft whatever I wanted, or to at least start on my kids' Christmas presents, right? WRONG. I have 2 gifts to make before this coming weekend and another 2 gifts to make before Thanksgiving. THEN I have 3-4 outfits to crochet for a Dora doll for a bday party 2 weeks after that. FINALLY, at that point, I just MAY have a minute to craft something for my kids. Maybe.

This morning I got T up to go to school and noticed his eyelid was all puffy and red. *sigh* This boy has something new every day, I swear! So he has a sty it looks like. We are doing some warm teabags on his eye to help with the pain & swelling. Poor kiddo.
We are definitely living in a winter wonderland. Unfortunately this wonderland's tractor is DOA at the moment. That means that all that white winter wonderfulness is making my driveway damn near impassable. Having a 250ft driveway that is impassable by vehicle, makes for one very long and exhausting walk uphill. Hopefully dh will get the tractor up and running soon so he can plow all this winter wonderfulness outta the way.

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  1. Can I borrow just a smidgeon of your energy to get things done? I have so much to do for the baby and not an ounce of initiative. lol

    Good luck with the tractor. That sounds horrible to deal with.