Monday, December 8, 2008

Getting back to being me

I feel like I'm finally starting to feel better. Yes, I still have a horrid cough/congestion, but that severely sore throat is gone. Yay! Today I got up with the boys and got Timmy on the bus. I then pulled back all the curtains, let some sunshine in and started cleaning. Vacuuming, sweeping, doing laundry, doing dishes, etc. Niko & Adrian and I made all the beds and then I went through the house and used some lysol on everything. Trying to get some of the nasty germs out of the house. Now that I've done all that, though, I realize I could really use my albuterol inhaler. I go in to use it and it is all out. Eek! I know I've been using it a lot this week while I've been sick, so I guess I'm going to have to order a new one.

I have plans to make my father in law a lap quilt for Christmas. I bought the fabric, now I just have to get around to making it. I'm not really into the whole quilting thing, but I had to think of something that wasn't too expensive and that he could use. Since he is going through chemo he is cold a lot. He sits in his recliner and shivers, so I thought this might be something he could use. I'm hoping to get the pieces for it all cut today. Hoping. lol

So I started reading a new book last night. My fave type of books to read are paranormal romances. I love Christine Feehan, Sherilynn Kenyon, JR Ward. So I joined this group on facebook to try to get some names of other authors that write in similar styles. Someone had mentioned Lora Leigh. So I went and got some of her books. HOLY COW! These are not "romance", lol, they are porn. Seriously. So far in this book "Tempting The Beast" it seems to be lots of sex with a tiny bit of story. I'm not sure if that is how all her books are or not, but I have to say I was a little taken aback. Not that I mind a good sex scene ... but .. err.. I just wasn't expecting quite THAT much. LOL

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