Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dude... where've ya been?

LOL ... Things are going well here, but I've been a little lax in posting to the blog. I've been taking the boys out to play and enjoy this wonderful weather we've had. We need to enjoy it while we have it, because they say it is going to be snowing again next week. Yuck.
Also, my husband found some awesome finds at a friends house. The friend had a barn full of old furniture that he wanted to get rid of. My sweetie brought me home a HUGE HUGE HUGE dresser/sideboard type thing. It takes up half my livingroom. He brought it home for me to put all of my crafting supplies in it. I spent two days organizing and putting everything away in this beautiful piece of wood. Unfortunately, not all of my crafting supplies fit. My sweetie told me whatever didn't fit, should be thrown away, but I just hid it under the bed so he doesn't know I have more stuff. LOL
I'll get some pics of it soon! :)
We've also been doing a lot of fun family things. We took the boys to the circus, to a maple syrup farm and to go see Elmo Makes Music! We've gone to birthday parties for a bunch of little ones and Timmy has been playing soccer. Phew! The last few weeks have been busy!
As for crafting ... I'm ALWAYS crafting. :) I'll catch the blog up with some of my recent projects. I can't post all the crafting goodies I've been doing because I'm currently in 3 swaps and I want to wait until everyone gets the stuff to post them. :)
Here are some pics from our most recent family outings.

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