Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!!

We had an awesome holiday weekend! We went and spent the night up at the MIL's on Saturday. DH's aunt, uncle and cousins had come in for a visit. It was great to see some family members we haven't seen in a while! The kids had a great time playing and hanging out with everyone.
Sunday we came home and tried to get the house ready for ...

Monday a bunch of my family members came up and we had a cook out. Lots of kids, lots of food, lots of family, lots of fun! The guys put up the trampoline and the kids had a blast on it. That's Zak (my nephew) reading a book to Kalen (my cousin's son). My nephews & sons are playing on the trampoline and the jungle gym.

Seriously, between the huge swingset, the sandbox, the jungle gym and now the trampoline it is like a kid's amusement park here. Lets not even start in on the wagons, tractors, trucks, bikes & trykes we have! LOL

Anyway... we had an awesome weekend and here are some pics.

PS ... check out the freaky hairdo I have now!


  1. Hey Love the Hair Color, Me being blonde I had Hot Pink pulled through a Cap :( It only lasted 4 days :(.

    Glad yall had a Great Holiday Weekend :)

  2. Love the hair! Great pics! :> )


  3. Thanks! :) Ooo... Bright pink sounds awesome!