Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Warning About Bendyroos!

My sons got a box of Bendyroos for Christmas.  We sat down at the table and were playing with them and were having a blast.  They really are some cool things.  I was so happy to find a mess free way to play with the boys!!  Unfortunately, Adrian ended up breaking out in a wicked raw/rash all over his face.  The only thing he had been near is the Bendyroos.  On the box it says "Kid Safe!  Wax covered super strong string!"  Hmm... what could be glutenous in that?  So I started researching the product and found some info about how the company that sells and markets these really has no idea of what ingredients go into making them.  If there is gluten or not.  And, seeing as my son had such a bad reaction to them, I decided we'd just stay away from them all together.  I don't allow playdough in my house because of his Celiac's and I won't allow these in my house either.  Even though the box does NOT have a "made in" label, they ARE made in China.... and the marketer does NOT know what is in them.  Others that aren't dealing with gluten issues may want to stay away from them as well.


  1. The poor little man! I can't believe they don't even know what is used on them.

  2. This is good to know! No Bendyroos in our house!!! Em doesn't get reactions like that with her Celiac, but why chance it??