Sunday, April 11, 2010

Taking Timmy Gluten Free Too

Once upon a time we took our entire family gluten free.  We did this because we thought it would be best, since Adrian needed to be gluten free.  When the whole family went gluten free, we noticed a marked improvement in some of the behaviors that our oldest son displayed.  Unfortunately, we caved on the whole family gluten free thing and just kept Adrian gluten free.
Our oldest son is in Kindergarten and I was talking to his teacher one time about his odd/socially inappropriate behaviors and had mentioned that if he was having a hard time like that in school now, that we'd put him on a gluten free diet and see if it helped again.  At that time, the teacher said things were fine and to leave him like he was.
Last week, Timmy's teacher called me and told me that T wasn't doing well in school.  He was getting in peoples faces, making loud noises, hand gestures and just unable to accomplish any of his schoolwork.  He asked me to try the gluten free diet with him.
On Easter Sunday, we started T on a gluten free diet.  By Wednesday evening, the hubby and I noticed that T had not been making his odd noises, nor was he doing the hand gestures.  Today is exactly one week from when we started him on a gluten free diet and I'm amazed at the turnaround in him.
~Too bad it didn't fix his attitude problem!  If it was that miraculous, I'd be putting the hubby on the same diet!!~
I've been packing Timmy's lunch everyday for school.  This is a new thing for us, because our children are on the free lunch system and I've never had to pack their lunch.  I had bought Adrian a really nice lunchbox system from Laptop Lunches last month in preparation of him going off to pre-k this year. I decided to use it for T and just buy A a new one.
I like trying to think of new and tasty things that are gluten free for T for his lunch.  Some things I've packed this week:
Leftover ham / hard boiled egg / carrots / applesauce / orange slices
Pepperoni / apples & grapes / pudding / cheese stick / gf crackers

And pretty much just variations on that.  T is such a picky eater, though, that we've had some problems finding stuff that he will eat.  For two whole days he only ate the orange slices and applesauce for lunch because he didn't like anything else in it.
I did go out and buy some more gf stuff, so hopefully he'll be pleased with the new things he'll get in his lunch once he goes back after Spring Break.

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