Monday, June 28, 2010

So much Spongebob!

We got this harebrained idea to go and redo Adrian's bedroom this weekend.  We needed to move Niko into Timmy's room so that my brother could share a room with Adrian.  We wanted to make it as fantastic as Timmy's room .... so off we went to work on it.

We knew we wanted to do Spongebob and at first we had thought we'd do the whole room yellow and make it look like Spongebob did when he was the padded room to Mrs. Puff's insanity in "Doing Time".  Then we decided we'd just do one wall yellow and as Spongebob, and then do the other walls blue for the ocean and put jellyfish on them.  THEN my hubby decided that we should sand the popcorn stuff off the ceiling, paint it bright yellow and have the ceiling be Spongebob and all the walls be the ocean.
I don't think he realized just how much work that would be.  But he did do all the sanding and all the painting of the walls.  Then I walked in and painted the jellyfish, Spongebob's face, and plankton! :)

In progress shots ...

Hubby sanding the ceiling

Spongebob mostly finished

And the final result ...