Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ugh! Issues with T's school

I went to his IEP a couple weeks ago and they informed me that his articulation is "at or above his age group".  What BS.  Seriously!  Has his speech teacher even HEARD him speak?  I'm afraid this is all an attempt to cut back due to budget cuts.  I'm so upset about this.  I informed them at his IEP meeting that I did NOT agree with this.  They said that they would take "Speech and Language Delays" out of his IEP, but keep it in his PLEP.  And because of MY reserves about this, they would give him 2 days of therapy a week from Sept - Jan.  And 1 day of therapy from Jan - June next year.
So after we talked/argued about this, they started talking about how he is doing academically.  Oh he is doing great, except for in math I'm told.  In Kindergarten they have to be able to SAY OUTLOUD all of the numbers from 1-200 (or something around that).  The teacher informs me that he can say 1-39, but at 40 he mispronounces it.  His 40's and his 50's sound the same.  Oh really?  Huh ... maybe because he has a SPEECH AND LANGUAGE DELAY!!  UGH!
I've called another speech therapist.  She recommended I get a second opinion and fight this.
While at Stitch N Bitch last week I was talking about this and the very nice ladies there informed me about the Youngerman Clinic at SUNY Fredonia.  I called the clinic today and have Timmy scheduled to get a speech eval next week.  We'll see what they say.  If they determine he needs continued therapy, I WILL be taking their report and forcing the school to put it back into his IEP that he has Speech & Language Delays.
It really upsets me that they acted like I was the only one that sees him having issues.  Funny ... have him go talk to anyone on the street and see if they can understand everything he says.  Go on!  Try it!

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