Saturday, July 10, 2010

Took Timmy for a speech eval

Thank you, Barb, for the awesome suggestion of taking Timmy to the Youngerman clinic to get evaluated.  They treated us great and did some extensive testing on Timmy for speech and language issues.  After dealing with the school and their inability to see how badly Timmy needs speech therapy, I was looking for someone to do a TRUE assessment of his speech delays.
The report came back today and according to them ...
"Intelligibility was found to be 80% at the conversational level in known contexts to a familiar listener (mother).  Intelligibiility was found to be 65% at the conversational level in known contexts to an unfamiliar listener (clinician).  Intelligibility was found to be 50% at the conversational level in unknown contexts to an unfamiliar listener.
According to Gard, Gilman, and Gorman (1993), Timothy demonstrated functional articulations skills that were consistent up to the 2 year age level having an intelligibility rating of 65%, and scattered skills up to his chronological age of 6 years 4 months indicative of a 4 year 4 month delay.  According to Weiss (1982), a child of Timothy's chronological age should be 100% intelligible even with speech sound errors."

This is only part of the report.  There is much more that goes along with this.  They think that he has CAP.  We will be taking him for a CAP test asap to see what help we can get for him in that aspect.

I dropped a copy of the new eval off at the school with a note on it to go to Kathy Freeman (the secretary for special education).  I wanted them to see that Timmy DOES need speech therapy. 

I never hear back from the school.

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  1. wow. am glad the Youngerman clinic treated you well and were able to give you some concrete answers.