Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Harassment? Bullying? From the Principal?

The principal called me today.  She let me know that the superintendent's office has reported that I haven't come in to fill out the paperwork for Timmy to homeschool.
I told her I was aware of that and that I'd be in to get it done tomorrow.
She informed me that this was considered to be "educational neglect" at this point.
I was LIVID.
I told her that he's been out a week and that if that was pushed, that I would take Tim to the pediatrician and she would write a note stating that he was out of school because of the mental and physical abuse he suffered at school and that it was a needed break. I told her I could get a letter from both the pediatrician and the psychologist about it.
Honestly ... they are both so upset by this bullying. I know they would write it. Timmy is going to have to see a psychologist every week for who knows how long because they had him to the point where he was talking about wanting to die. At 6.

Her reply was "Hmm... well I don't know about that."

I get off the phone with her and am extremely upset to the point that I'm shaking and in tears.  I go and look up New York State's rules and regulations on homeschooling.  EVERYTHING I read states I have 2 weeks from the time I start homeschooling him to get a letter of intent to the school.  It has not been 2 weeks.  I'm well within the time frame I need to be in.  She is harassing me.

No wonder the administration of Chautauqua Lake Central School lets children get away with bullying.  The principal is bullying ME.  Threatening me with neglect, when the school is the one that allowed my child to be neglected and ABUSED on their bus.  This is NOT okay.

We will be contacting a lawyer to look into taking legal action against the school.  We had decided prior to this to just let it be.  We took Timmy away from the abuse and were protecting him by keeping him home and educating him here, but after this, I see no other recourse.  In order to protect my son and my family, we will have to seek legal action.


  1. I am so sorry you are *still* going through this! Big hugs to you.

  2. You might want to check out hslda.org Their prices are really good and they specialize in homeschooling. They are probably your best defense against the school system. Hope things get better for you.