Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just sickened. SICKENED!

Niko came to me today after school and told me "The kids were calling Timmy a bad name on the bus."
Me: "What did they call him?"
Niko: "They were going, Retard! Retard! Retard! Retard! to him.
Me: "Timmy .... were they saying that to you?"
Timmy starts crying and says "I guess I am a retard.  I just wanna die."
Me giving him tons of hugs.

I set the boys up to play with some legos, then call the bus garage immediately to tell her what happened.
Yes, I talked with Mary Ann again.  She is always so happy to hear from me.  Yeah right.  As soon as I said "Hello, this is Catrina Usher and I'm calling about another incident happening on the bus with Timmy", I get a loud sigh on the other end.  Yes, Mary Ann, I feel the SAME WAY about having to continue reporting instances of bullying to you, because you FAIL to protect my child!

So I tell her exactly what the boys told me.  She let me know she found it hard to believe that that happened on the bus.  She also said "I was under the impression that Timmy causing the issues on the bus after our last conversation."  WHAT?!?!  NO!  I told her that I understood that kids goof around and that if Timmy was horsing around on the bus I wanted to know, but that gave CH NO excuse to punch him in the mouth and make a tooth fall out!

She said she would look into and call me back in the morning.

I cannot handle this.  I cannot handle the fact that he keeps getting bullied and they do NOTHING about it.  I cannot handle that my 6 year old is saying he wants to die because of this abuse he is receiving on the bus.  I can't!

I called the pediatrician and let her know what had happened.  She was MAD!  I told her that I have been documenting the bullying so far this year, as she had instructed.  She wants me to get Timmy in to see a psychologist.  These bullies are causing psychological harm to my child as well as physical harm to him.  This is out of control.
OUT OF CONTROL!  I'm tired of it being shrugged off. :(  I'm tired of Timmy continuing to be hurt. :(  Just so tired of it. :(

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