Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Submitted the Letter Of Intent along with another letter

Today I went to the school at 1pm and submitted my letter of intent to home school.  The letter was dropped off at the superintendent's office exactly 10 days after I commenced home instruction.  I also gave the superintendent's secretary another letter letting them know that I had received a phone call from the elementary principal the day before, wherein she threatened me and my family with "educational neglect".  I was well within the time frame to submit my LOI and I considered her phone call harassment.  From there on out all communication regarding my son, Timothy, should be done in writing.  I printed out a copy of New York State's Homeschool regulations and highlighted the part that states that I have 14 days to get my letter of intent in. 

And, just because the school has had things mysteriously disappear before, when I left there I went to the post office and mailed copies of both letters certified mail with return receipt to them as well. 

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