Saturday, January 22, 2011

Getting the school to restart Timmy's services

I called the school after they had approved Timmy's IHIP to let them know that I'd like Timmy's services restored.  (Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, Social therapy).  They let me know that I'd have to send a formal letter requesting them.
I sent the formal letter out to them, but didn't hear back.  I called them and was told that they were planning Timmy's Annual Review and that we'd discuss whether he needed services or not at that time.  His annual review is scheduled for February 14th. 
I'm not looking forward to this.  I felt like I was not listened to at all at the last meeting with the school.  I felt pressured to give in to things that I didn't agree with.
I did call my aunt and she said she would go with me.  She has worked in schools for decades and she has been around Timmy his whole life.  She KNOWS what he needs and what a normal 6 year old should be doing, ya know?  So I'll have her with me.  Someone to help me stay calm, but also stand up for Timmy.
Ugh.  I'm not looking forward to this.

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