Monday, January 24, 2011


While at therapy today with Timmy, his counselor suggested that Timmy be evaluated for Autism.  He believes that Timmy may have PDD, that he could be somewhere on the spectrum, most likely Aspergers. 
This isn't a shock ... and yet it is.  Does that even make sense?  Since Timmy has been little, my mom (who works with the developmentally disabled) has said that he acts like he is Autistic.  Timmy's pre-k teacher mentioned it.  Timmy's K teacher said "no way, he is not autistic".  Sometimes he seems just fine.  Other times, definitely not.  As he gets older, I guess the "quirkiness" becomes more and more evident.
At first I'd tell people he was a little "quirky".
Then I told people that he had some "autistic tendencies"
And now ... now we are talking about actually labeling him as autistic.  Now we are going to get him evaluated and possibly have a full diagnosis.
This is so damn scary.

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