Friday, February 11, 2011

Preparing for battle

Today I met with Leanna and Bruce from The Resource Center.  OMG ... I'm in love.  These two are just wonderful.  They really want to get Timmy all the help they can.
We talked for 2 hours about how we would go into the meeting on Monday.  About what we would not back down on, and what was most important to us.
They are suggesting we do a modified school day.  Timmy would go to school for 1/2 a day.  In that time that he was at the school, he would receive all of his therapy services as well as do some class things with the kids his age.  Like go to art or gym with them.
My other son, Adrian, rides on the pre-k bus.  The pre-k bus runs at 1/2 the day.  So the pre-k bus stops at our house every day.  I told them that I'd be comfortable with Timmy riding that bus, because the children on the bus were younger, and less apt to bully Timmy.  That if the school would be willing to bus him on there, that I'd be willing to drive him TO school.
We talked about things that the school SHOULD have done.  Things that they didn't even OFFER.  Things that they should be forced to do now.  There was a lot.
We will be getting Timmy in to be tested for CAP (Auditory Processing Disorder).
There is a lot on the plate right now.  I'm stressing about this darn meeting on Monday.

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