Friday, June 17, 2011

Diagnosis Autism

This last year has been long. I feel like I've been at war with the school this whole time. And now, after much frustration, stress, money, time, and energy ... we have 2 new diagnosis for T. First is Central Auditory Processing Disorder. Second is Autism. I've scheduled a CSE meeting for next week, where we (the advocates from The Resource Center) and I will give the diagnosis and recommendation sheets to the school and see what they will finally be willing to do for my son.
The recommendations the doctors have made are for a quiet room to take tests in, longer periods of time to take tests, a set of headphones for Timmy to drown out background noise and focus on the teacher (who will have a microphone that goes to the headphones), and a lot of other things.
We've had battle after battle with everything regarding T, so I'm hoping with these 2 diagnosis, along with the speech eval we had done last summer, that they will finally step it up. Get him back into doing speech therapy 3x a week, which they refused to do EVEN THOUGH THE DOCTOR SAID HE NEEDED IT. Continue his OT. Make the special accommodations for him that he needs in the classroom. And they have to get an aide on the bus for him. This is something that HAS to be done. They allowed him to be hurt over and over again on that bus. He was picked on because he is different. He was picked on because he was unable to read the social cues that the other children were giving him. He couldn't read those social cues because he is Autistic. They refused to protect him. I had to take him out of school to do so, because of their refusal. If he goes back to school, they NEED to have an aide on that bus to protect him.
I will not back down about the aide. I will NOT. I've already contacted a lawyer, that is willing to take this case on for free to make sure the school steps it up, finally.

Anyway ... I really hope that this meeting will be the last big battle. PLEASE let it be the last big battle with the school.

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