Saturday, June 25, 2011

Homeschooling journey at an end

I feel sad to say that our homeschooling journey is at an end. I've loved this last year homeschooling Timmy. I would continue it in a heartbeat, but I truly believe that being in school is better for him and his social skills. I feel that in order to properly get his therapies, he also needs to be in school. I don't always have the ability to transport him back and forth to therapy. Legally, the school didn't have to transport him since he is not considered a student of the school when he is homeschooled.
It has been amazing to watch the little neurons firing off in Timmy's brain as he learns new things this year. It's been great watching him get excited about all the new things we learned. It's just been great.
I have a lot of workbooks left, and I'm still paying for his monthly Time4Learning curriculum, but I think I'm going to hold on to both of them. This summer I'll continue to work with Timmy (and my other two) with these things. This way they will be prepared for going into their new grades this coming school year.
I really am going to miss homeschooling. *sigh* I am 100% sure, though, that we are doing the right thing right now.

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