Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bonfire & Friends

Tonight we decided to invite some friends over for a bonfire.  This was our first bonfire of the summer.  The kids were all psyched about it.  We had also purchased a few fireworks to set off.  I was a little worried about how they would effect Timmy, but he didn't seem to have any problems.
Our friends showed up with their 2 sons and the boys started playing and having a great time in the dark.  They chased lightning bugs, played on the swing set and just ran around like the wild little boys they are.
We had only planned on having our friends over, but before we started setting off the fireworks we had, I decided to call the neighbors behind us, and the neighbors down the road to let them know what we were doing.  I ended up inviting them all over to watch and to enjoy the bonfire as well.
Timmy didn't know that other people would be coming, so when the 2 boys from down the road showed up, and the neighbor guys from behind us showed up as well, he started doing his running around, rolling on the ground, hopping all over kind of thing.  Just making weird noises, getting in the boys' faces, etc.  He wasn't upset that they were there, just .... out of sorts because he wasn't expecting it, I think.  It took a while to calm him down, but he did eventually calm.
We had a GREAT night.  Absolutely wonderful.  To have friends all around us, cooking marshmallows and making s'mores, chatting, watching the kids run around and have so much fun.  I want to do this over and over and over this summer.  The fireworks were pretty, but the company and friendship was beautiful.  Just beautiful. 

While the boys from down the road were here, I told them that Timmy would be going back to school this year.  The one says to me "I felt so bad for him, because B always was so mean to him and picking on him on the bus".  And yet, the school still stands by their determination that nothing happened on the bus, and that Timmy just was making it up.  I didn't ask this child about bullying on the bus, I just told him that Timmy was coming back to school and he offered the information.  So, if Niko, Adrian, Timmy and the boys down the road all saw this bullying, why didn't the bus driver?
I know this is all in the past.  I know that it is a moot point at this point since he won't be riding the bus with those kids anymore, but still.... it hurts that we went through all we did this past year because Chautauqua Lake Central School will not take their heads out of their bottoms and SEE what is going on on the buses.  That they do not protect the children on the buses like they need to.  That, even though I called EVERY SINGLE TIME something happened, not ONCE did that busing supervisor ever write a report up.  Or, at least that is what the principal says.  It just makes me sick.  That school ALLOWED my child to be bullied.  That school did NOT protect my child.  And yes, even though this is in the past, it still freaking hurts.  And badly.  And I'm so upset still that because of THEM, my son wanted to die.  At 6 years old, he wanted to die.  Ugh.
*sigh*  But really, I didn't want to make this post into another rant about Chautauqua Lake Central School and their inability to properly protect the children when in their care, this was suppose to be about our great night we had.  I just needed a moment to vent about this.

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