Wednesday, July 20, 2011

HOT summer days

It's been so hot lately. I'm not used to this heat. My children are not used to this heat. In SW NY you may get a few 90'+ days a year. Our summers are normally 70-80's. I'm comfortable at a nice 75'. That is what I call perfect!
But, we don't always get what we want, so we make do with what we get!
That means running the AC a lot in the house. It also means filling up the kiddie pool and letting the kids splash around. (The lake beach is closed because the heat has caused the EColi levels of the lake to exceed safety levels, so no swimming).

My cousin's son came to visit today, too, so it was especially fun!
Niko making a splash!
Adrian making a splash!
Oooo!  Good one Adrian!
Kalen & Adrian were playing Lifeguard.  Kalen was up on the perch watching out for drowning children.  Adrian, of course, is "drowning" and needing help!
Yay!  Kalen saved Adrian!  What a strong and courageous Lifeguard he is!
Timmy wants to play some ball!
Don't these two look like ruffians?  Better watch out, or they'll beat ya up! 

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