Friday, July 1, 2011

Not Autistic Enough?

Since T's diagnosis, I've really been looking for a support group for parents of children with Autism. I found a really nice group of people on facebook. Looking through the old posts, though, I saw a link to a man's blog regarding Autism. Until this point, I didn't realize that some parents of Autistic children viewed those that were considered "high functioning" as freaks, geeks and weirdos that were just piggy backing onto the Autism diagnosis. So, because my son is considered "high functioning", then it is ok to call him names. My son gets called names by all the "normal" people, because he is Autistic. Now, this person (and others) think my son isn't Autistic ENOUGH, so they are going to call him names too?
Honestly ... can't we all just STOP?!?! Can't we just realize that these are children. ALL of them. Children that need help. Children that need therapy. Children that need LOVE. Why do people feel the need to look at a child and call them names? Why do we have to do that? WHY? Do people not realize that these children, all of them on the spectrum, face enough crap in their lives that they don't need more heaped onto them by PARENTS of other Autistic children?
Anyway, I was just disgusted by this man's ramblings on his blog. I definitely will not be going back to that blog. And I find it very hard to want to fight his fight with him when he spews hateful words across his blog. Ugh.

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