Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Before school jitters

I called the school last week to see if Timmy could come in and see the classroom and meet his teacher before school started. Just as a way to transition him into going back to public school. The secretary told me she'd let his teacher know that I wanted to talk to her and she'd be calling me.
Timmy's teacher called me last night. She didn't know she was going to be having a child with Autism in her class. She didn't know that he had an IEP. She didn't know that he'd be leaving school everyday an hour earlier than the other kids, so she'd have to send an entire lesson home with him every night. She didn't know that he'd get extra time in a quiet room for all tests. She didn't know any of it.
School starts in 2 weeks. Doesn't the school think that preparing the teachers for the kids with special considerations and IEP's is important? This teacher has to plan her last lesson of everyday so that it can go home with Timmy to be completed here. She's supposed to make a special schedule and tape it to his desk for him so he handles transitions easier.
His teacher seems very nice and she sounds like she will be on top of it all. She does know she will be using the amplification system for her class, but that was a given, since she uses it every year I guess. I am just concerned that the school (as always) wasn't communicating all of this stuff with her so she could plan accordingly.
I'm just worried. Is it okay to worry? After all of the rigamarole that we went through last year with this school ... I'm just very, very concerned. :(

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  1. What nonsense. How hard is it to take the initiative to prepare for something as important as the FEDERALLY MANDATED compliance of an IEP? How can the school make sure an IEP is followed without ANY communication with the teacher?? It's just ridiculous. I'm sorry you have to deal with it. But at least you dealt with it ahead of time. Awesome Supermom skills!