Thursday, August 4, 2011

Floating Robot Head Space Wars

Timmy sat down next to me today while I was packing lunches.  He had brought a paper and pencil with him and started drawing. 
At first he drew a picture of himself with his glasses on.  His head was in the center of the paper and it was a cute picture.  He's really big on self portraits. 
Then he drew a smaller picture of Niko in the right corner, and Adrian in the left corner.  They were below him, because he is the oldest, he informed me.
Then he drew a couple small robots above his head.
Then the robots started shooting at him.  It was okay, though, because his head wasn't really his head, it was a giant floating robot head.
Then his brothers started shooting at him.  Oh no!  They were robots too! 
(This is where I stopped making lunch and snapped a picture)
This became a huge robot war in outerspace.  His brothers were shooting at him and each other.  The unknown robots above him were shooting at him as well.  He would draw the lasers shooting, and then he would erase lines where they hit, showing the "breaches in the hull of the robot space ships".  Then he'd go back in and patch the holes up with darker lines, showing that they were all fixed.  He'd erase the laser lines and soon after, another attack would come from one of the other robots.
More robots flew in to try to defeat the evil flying robot head of Timmy.  Bombs detonated left and right.
I didn't get a chance to snap the final picture, but needless to say, you really couldn't tell what he had initially drawn on the paper.  If he were to "turn in" this art project to someone, they would probably just see the scribbles everywhere.  They wouldn't see the huge imagination that he has.  They wouldn't see how he created an entire story around one thing - his initial self portrait.  LOL, can you imagine if he was sent home to make a self portrait and came back in with something covered in the scribbles?  Yeah, it probably would not go over well. 
I guess this is just me saying to really look past what you first see.  If someone sat him down and asked him "what is this?" he could tell them this incredible story about floating robot head space wars! 
And honestly ... this kid just amazes me with his imagination.  To sit there and watch him draw this all out was great!

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  1. Oh, I am so glad you took pictures! I work in Kindergarten and love looking their drawings.

    I found you through Accepting and Embracing Autism and I'm so glad I did. I have 3 boys too, the oldest with autism. I am now following your blog and hope you will take a look at mine (Snippets 'N Stuff) and follow as well. :)