Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm working on a new pattern

Making a crochet pattern can be a long process.  First you have to decide what to make.  Then you need to figure out in your head what stitches would work best to get it to look exactly how you envision it.  The next step is making one.  While you make it you have to meticulously write down all your stitches so you can recreate it and make it into a pattern. 
All of that takes enough time ... but when you don't end up with the exact piece you were envisioning, you end up starting all over again.  And again.  And again. 
That has been the process with the current hat pattern I'm writing. 
My first attempt was too loose on my head.  Not slouchy enough in the top area, and not tight enough in the band area.  Also, it was a little too short for my taste.

My second attempt fixed the looseness problem.  This one fits very well, but it doesn't have the slouchy or the little bit of poof I was looking for. 
I'm currently on my third version of this hat, and I'm not happy with this one, either.  The yarn I'm using isn't the right weight.  It says it is worsted weight, but it actually feels more like sport weight.  It is making holes between my stitches because the yarn isn't thick enough. 
So right now, I'm frogging the third hat, and I'm going to start AGAIN.

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