Friday, August 23, 2013

Allegany State Park - 2013

We went for our fourth annual camping trip to Allegany State Park in the beginning of August.  It was fun, like always.  I was definitely happy to come home, though.  There is just something about coming home and sleeping in your own bed.  LOL, I might be getting old. 

This year we opted to get cabins with electric in them.  That was pretty nice.  It almost took the whole camp feel out of it .... well, except for the bears, bugs, dirt, lack of running water, no bathrooms, and sleeping on cots.  We had Ward trail this year.  I'm pretty sure we will never camp there again.  The bathrooms are way too far away.  The cabins are too close to the road.  If you have kids and you have a weak bladder, I would not recommend Ward trail.

I helped create 39 tie dyed shirts to commemorate our annual trip.  My hands were aching by the end.  Okay, so I really am getting old.  LOL  They turned out nice.  My mother upped the design experience by purchasing an airbrush and creating a stencil for the shirts.

The kids had a blast at the Hootenannny.

We roasted marshmallows and sang songs around the campfire.

We climbed Thunder Rocks.

We visited the Stone Tower.

And we enjoyed spending quality time with each other.