Saturday, October 20, 2007

Gluten Free Chili Quesadillas

I had made some chili the night before last and it was very tasty. It was all gluten free (like I normally cook) so I decided to use some of the leftovers today, but wasnt' sure what to make. I stood at my refrigerator for a while just staring at the different ingredients in there and then *pop* a light went on!

I had a block of Kraft sharp cheese
I had a package of corn tortillas
I had all this leftover chili

So I shredded up some cheese, tossed a tortilla in the frying pan, put the shredded cheese on it, then put a big scoop of chili on top of that.

After I took a pic for y'all, I put the other corn tortilla on top. When the bottom was browned up, I turned it over and let that side brown up as well.

I just sliced it up with a pizza cutter and served it to my kids that very quickly ate them all up and asked for more! :)

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