Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Breakfast & Dinner Placemats

I read a really inspiring post over at Moore Minutes about manners. You really should go read it. In the post she spoke of having her boys set the table, and using placemats for them to remember where everything went. I thought this was a really great idea, and definitely wanted to do similar placemats up for the boys.
Then I was over at Family Fun Magazine's website (you all already know I love them!), and saw this great article about a morning checklist placemat!  Well I wanted one of those for the boys, too!
I decided to combine the two and make these.  They aren't super grand, but my boys love them.
For breakfast - I wanted to not only have a checklist for the boys to use in the morning, but a little something for them to do while eating breakfast if they wanted to.  Having 2 boys in OT, because of poor muscle control, having them print and write their names is always a good thing.  I wanted them to be a little fun, and be a little educational.
For the dinner side, I used some scrapbooking paper in a design that suited them, and just cut out place setting shapes and used them.

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