Sunday, August 24, 2008

Transformers, ROLL OUT!

We spent the whole weekend creating this awesome new bedroom for my ds.

We stripped, painted, sweated, cursed, painted some more and then fell to the floor in exhaustion, but the "Transformers" bedroom is now finished!! (I am going to put a couple Transformers posters up on the walls later, but for now we are done).

I made the curtains (short so the fan can work best). I painted the huge Autobot logo on the wall to protect my 4yo from any and all bad guys (monsters). The room is painted yellow and black after Bumblebee, my 4yo's favorite character.

My son is in love! Smiley I think my dh is too. He wishes his parents were as cool as us and made him this cool room when he was a kid.

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