Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Give Me A Moment To Whine.

I really try to keep negativity off the blog, but damn, I really need to whine right now. The kids are sick again and now dh and I are getting it too. The boys have been sick more days this winter than they haven't. That isn't exaggerating at all. We've gone from one sickness to the next. We've battled pneumonia, bronchitis, chest colds, sinusitis, raging ear infections, stomach viruses, pink eye, flu and all of this compounded by allergies & asthma.
I know part of this is due to T starting school this year, but come ON! We've tried to do everything we can to prevent all of these things. I clean down the house and get rid of the germs constantly. We got rid of our shedding type dog. We pulled up the carpet in the bedrooms. We got rid of the excessive stuffed animals. We run humidifiers in their rooms. We do breathing treatments. We give them their medicines. We wear hats on them when they go out in the cold. We give them vitamins. They eat a healthy diet. No one smokes in or near our home. (We are non smokers anyway, so this one was easy).
You'd think that that would make this winter crappy enough, wouldn't you? Oh no, we have more. We've been hit with a TON of snow. DH is out there constantly snowblowing, scraping the ice off the vehicles, taking care of our water pipes (that froze twice this year), getting our vehicles unstuck in snowdrifts and more.
I can only be thankful that when FIL passed away, the kids were healthy enough to stay with my family and the snow had melted quite a bit. Now, however, they are sicker than dogs and we have a huge storm coming in today & tomorrow. T has sinusitis, N has a double ear infection with cough and A has bronchitis.
I will definitely be glad to say goodbye to this winter and welcome the spring in (if it ever gets here).

Here are a couple of my sick boys yesterday.

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