Thursday, February 12, 2009

Grieving ... and Thanks.

On Friday we received a phone call that FIL wouldn't make it through the night. We rushed up to be by MIL's side as FIL passed away. We had some hours there that dh and I sat with him, talking to him, singing to him and letting him know we loved him. It was hard, really hard. I've never been present at someone's passing, and it was so much more difficult than I could ever imagine.
Earlier on Friday, Timmy was at school and informed his class "Grampa's still alive, but he's going to die soon. That's okay, though, because he's going to live with God." A few hours after that, FIL collapsed and quickly went downhill from there. I swear my little boy was talking with the angels to know that.
The night after FIL was buried, Timmy slept with MIL. When he woke up in the am, he turned to her and told her "Grampa's writing you a note. He wants you to know he loves you." She just held him and cried. The sweet, loving innocence of children makes my heart swell.
We spent 6 days up there with MIL and helped her do up all the arrangements, helped her through the funeral and then spent one more day with her before we had to leave (Dh to go back to work, Timmy to go back to school). The kids stayed with my parents and family for most of that time, until the day of the funeral. We brought them up and took them to the burial (military). They were such good little boys. Didn't make a peep as we watched the Honor Guard folding the flag and giving it to MIL. (My FIL fought in WWII). We told them that Grampa had died and he was an angel in heaven now. The day of the funeral Niko came out to my mom (who came to the funeral) and told her "God's teaching Grampa to fly right now".
The kids seem to be doing ok with everything. Timmy understand. Niko gets it sometimes, but doesn't at others. Adrian is totally clueless.
I've been receiving emails, pm's, yim's, phone calls and cards and want to thank everyone for all of their thoughts and prayers. I really appreciate everything. It has totally meant a lot.