Friday, September 10, 2010

Argh! Already?! Already?!?!

Timmy comes home from school yesterday and tells me that C punched him.  C also took his pencil out of his bag and broke it in half.  UGH!  This is the THIRD day of school and Timmy is already getting hurt?!?  C is notorious for hurting Timmy!  :(  He has smacked, punched, kicked and more Timmy over the past 2 years and as much as I complain about this child and all that he has done, it continues.  WHY?  Why can't they make sure that no one is hurting Timmy on the bus?
I called Mary Ann, the busing supervisor and let her know that C had punched Timmy and broke his pencil.  I let her know that I wasn't very pleased that this was ALREADY happening again. :(  She said she would talk to the bus driver and see what happened.  She would look into it. 

Ugh.  I've heard these words before. :(

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