Friday, September 24, 2010

Why can't they protect him?

Timmy came home again today to let me know that he was hurt on the bus.  A different child "CH", punched him in "the mouth so hard it pushed my tooth way back in my mouth!"  Timmy informed me that he told the bus driver, and she said "CH, keep your hands to yourself".  When he got to school, he let his teacher know that CH had done this as well.  CH is in his class.  His teacher informed him to talk to the bus driver about it.  Later that day (in school) Timmy's tooth fell the rest of the way out. 

Since this was Open House day, I decided to ask his teacher if Timmy told her about the incident.  She told me that he HAD told her and that she HAD told Timmy to talk to the bus driver about it.  *sigh* 

So today I call and talk to Mary Ann, the busing supervisor.  I tell her what Timmy told me happened on the bus.  I tell her that I'm getting VERY VERY upset that he continues to get bullied on the bus.  I let her know that I know that boys can sometimes goof around on the bus, and I'd like to know if they were goofing around or not, but that no matter what, CH punched Timmy hard enough for him to lose a tooth and that isn't cool.  I let her know that I know that my kids aren't perfect (I didn't want her to think I was saying that Timmy is perfect), but that this is getting ridiculous.  He lost a tooth (thankfully it was a baby tooth), so this kid had to hit him hard.  I really wanted something done about this.

She informed me that I should have called the day before so she could do something about it. ????? What?  Timmy had come home the day before and told me about it.  I confirmed that Timmy told his teacher that night at open house.  The bus garage is only open for so long after school.  Really?  Do I have her cellphone or homephone to call her after hours?  No. 

I never heard back from her about this incident.  Ever.

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