Tuesday, June 17, 2008

JV has challenged us to challenge ourselves!

So I'm going to.

Here are 2 challenges I'd like to take part in this summer.

1. CREATIVE CHALLENGE: Create something new every day. This could be to cook a recipe I've never made before, craft something (even if I don't finish it, just at least do SOMETHING crafty), create a new song or game for the kids, just keep my creative juices flowing by doing something new everyday.

2. HEALTHY CHALLENGE: Do something healthy everyday. Water, walking, food, whatever... do something healthy. Even if it is making a choice to NOT eat something bad.

Adding #3, thanks to Miriam!
3. Throw away something everyday in an attempt to declutter our house.

So there you have it ... my challenges. I'll try to update everyday! :)

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