Monday, November 3, 2008


So I've had a few people email me and ask why I don't post more about our life on my blog. I post pics of projects I've done or we've done, but not really too much about the family, so I am going to strive to start blogging more of the everyday stuff too.

Our family is currently on a bit of quarantine. Adrian popped up with Hand, Foot and Mouth disease last week while we were at a birthday party. At first I thought he was having a reaction to some gluten he could have possibly got ahold of, but it didn't look like the normal reaction. Later I knew it wasn't because blisters were all over his mouth. Ugh.

I babysit my cousin's son so I had to let her know I couldn't watch him for a while and then I patiently waited to see what kid would be next to get HFM. Niko popped up with it this weekend. So the only one left now is Timmy. I'm hoping he doesn't get it because he really can't afford to miss more school. :(

Timmy's allergies are really bad and he's missed 6 days of school already. To try to help him, we tore out all of his carpeting last week and put down vinyl flooring. We also got rid of most of his stuffed animals and got him a new pillow. He is on 2 medicines and the occasional breathing treatment. Hopefully we can get some control over his allergies so he doesn't miss any more school. He definitely doesn't need to have HFM heaped on him right now.

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