Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Woot! Kreative Blogger Award :)

Aww! Stefany over at To Be Thode has awarded me with the Kreative Blogger Award! :) Ain't she so sweet?!?! :) Thanks Stefany! Go check out her site to get some insight into her hectic and crafty life. :) (We have so much in common!!!)

So with the award I must let my loyal readers know of 6 things I'm grateful for and pass this award onto 6 other bloggers!

1. I'm so very, very grateful for my 3 precious sons. They are my world. They are my light. They are now and will always be loved so very much by me.

2. I'm very grateful for my wonderful husband. I can be a cranky, whiny, hot tempered woman and he puts up with it all. He is my sweetheart, my love and my rock. I love you sweetie.

3. I'm grateful for my online friends. You ladies have been with me through ups and downs. You've kicked me in the ass when I needed it, laughed your ass off with me, let me cry on your shoulders and become such a huge part of my life. I love you ladies.

4. I'm grateful to my mom and aunt for donating a TON of yarn to me so that I could craft some wonderful things for family and friends frugally. Thank you!

5. I'm grateful Pepsi & Take 5's, because you two things get me through PMS. Thank you sweet, sweet treats. You are very loved.

6. I'm grateful to my grandmother for teaching me how to be frugal, even if I choose not to always do those things. With knowledge I am rich. If and when I need to use all of those things you taught me, I can. Thank you Gram.

And I pass this award on to ...

1. Reclaiming The Home

2. Geek Central Station

3. Nini Makes

4. The Craft Wench

5. Eli Harris

6. Chocolate, Crafts & Little Ladies

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