Friday, August 19, 2011

Flashback Friday #4

Halloween is only a couple months away!  This flashback friday is brought to you by my little cuties from last year's Halloween.  Niko was a very happy Frankenstein's monster.  Timmy was an awesome Mario.  Adrian was a rocket ship.
What are your kiddos going to be for Halloween this year?  Have you already started thinking about how you will make their costumes? 

Right now my boys want to be ...
Timmy - Anakin from Star Wars
Niko - Papa Smurf
Adrian - Spongebob

For Timmy I'm going to sew him a simple outfit and crochet him a lightsaber.
For Niko I'm going to crochet him a smurf hat with an attached beard.  We'll have to look into blue face paint.  I'll be looking for a blue turtle neck at thrift stores, and I'll be making some red pants for him out of felt, I think.
For Adrian I'm looking at making his costume out of a box.  I think.  LOL  And make some spray foam that I will shape down to look like SB and then paint it up. 

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