Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How does your garden grow?

Let's take a look at the garden! We got the garden in pretty late, so we know that we won't get as huge of a harvest as normal, but it should be good!
Some of the goodies we spied today!
Our first cherry tomato!

Baby Yellow Squash

Some pickling cucumbers

That is a cantaloupe.  What?  You couldn't tell?

In a day or two, we'll be eating this zucchini!
Oooo!  By next week we'll have tons of cucumbers!

Look what Niko found!

These are the tops of the milkweeds that grow in the weeds by the garden.

These tops are beautiful and they smell just like lilacs!

 So after I left the garden, we went over to our "volunteer" garden.  This is all in last year's pigpen.  That pig manure is making this stuff grow like crazy!  We have tomatoes and pumpkins growing like mad over there!

I'm not sure what this is ... perhaps another pumpkin.

I guess that the pumpkins that are growing in here are considered "8 ball zucchini" if you pick them early enough.  If that is true, then we should probably pick this one in a few days if we want to consider it a zucchini.

Huge pumpkin.  This will eventually turn orange with green stripes, I guess.

Smaller version of the big pumpkin.  Too big to be an 8 ball zucchini.

This, too, is too big to do the 8 ball thing, so it will be a pumpkin, too.

Thanks for taking a stroll through my garden!  I hope to have some more pics for you next week!

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