Sunday, July 17, 2011

Freezer Meals

I've been trying the freezer meal thing lately.  I'm not really sure if it is a huge time saver or money saver yet, but we will see.  Recently I've made a huge pot of split pea soup (yuck), scalloped potatoes, texmex mix (beans, ground beef, ground turkey, onions, garlic, taco seasonings), spaghetti mix (ground beef, ground turkey, garlic, tomatoes, spaghetti seasonings), and today I made 2 different kinds of meatloaf.  TexMex Meatloaf (ground beef, onions, tomatoes, taco sauce, crushed tortilla chips, taco seasonings and cheddar cheese), and Regular Meatloaf (ground beef, onions, Worcestershire sauce, Ketchup, Mustard, gluten free bread crumbs, eggs). 

The texmex mix is all cooked, just defrost and use it in chili, tacos, etc. 
The spaghetti mix is all cooked, just defrost and use it in goulash, spaghetti, etc.

The meatloafs are NOT cooked.  So you just unwrap the aluminum foil off the top and set it in the loaf pan like that. Give it some extra time when baking, to make up for it being frozen.

The scalloped potatoes need to be cooked before you put them in the freezer or the potatoes turn black.  Ick!  So bake it until it is almost done, then take it out, let it cool, and toss it in the freezer to be pulled out at a later time to bake up for dinner. 

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